The app for finding and booking activites for kids, parents and entire families

KiddoDoo is a community of engaged parents and passionate child specialists. No matter where you live or travel, you’ll find perfect activities and child specialists in your preferred language.

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What you can find on KiddoDoo

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Interesting activities and small classes

Activities in small groups, regular classes directly from the organizers, microorganizations and home-like children’s clubs.

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Landmark places and larger formal organizations

Private schools and daycare, extracurricular hubs and afterschooling.

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Entertainment and event calendar for kids and parents

Local outstanding activities, theater and shows, festivals, fairs, seasonal celebrations.

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Services on demand

Babysitters, offline and online tutors, speech therapists, psychologists, doulas and BF consultants, animators etc.

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Community of like-minded worldwide

A growing international project in multiple languages, where parents can find experiences for their kids both in their native language or international

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One time or regular activities available immediately for an occasional visit

If you are passing through or need to focus on your own matters, or when you want to find some fun things to do for your child, in KiddoDoo you can find activities even for the same day, to keep your child busy for a couple of hours or where to have fun together.

No need for extra texting

At KiddoDoo parents find ready to book activities rather than specialists or organizations.

Activity is something where all details are alreday provided: there is always a schedule, a clear description of the activity itself, the location is indicated, as well as the price, and live reviews are visible. Ready to be booked.

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Global parenting space

KiddoDoo helps keep children occupied when parents need time for themselves, while following the child’s interest.

An engaged parent tries to follow their child’s interests, while trying to cover their own interests too. KiddoDoo is a helper for the engaged parent. In order to provide answers for all parents’ needs, KiddoDoo is a map of activities and specialists, event calendar, a marketplace, and a booking system in 1 click all at once.

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What? where? When?

Day camps

Playrooms / Hourly stay

Sports and movement

Stem \science exploration

Socials and board games


Arts and crafts

Ceramics and clay play

Walks and hikes

Kind traditions as innovation

We’re looking to form kind, long-lasting, and recurring connections between children, parents, and child specialists.

We aim to make the world from a child’s perspective more stable and supportive in times when travels are long, and the world for children has greatly expanded. In times of active family relocations and seasonal migrations, not only for children following their parents but also for child specialists.

Our idea is for our children to be able to meet again with those they are accustomed to, under different circumstances, to form an understanding that the world is big, but stable, and in it, there’s no need to say goodbye forever.

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It’s about people, in the first place

KiddoDoo is a community where children’s activities are slightly less of a service, and more about people, sharing same values

We believe that trust in an organization cannot compete with trust in people. But for this trust to arise, to be reliable and safe, a special environment is needed, where you can’t just walk into from the street. An environment that we are creating – where specialists are vetted and reliable, where parents can see the person’s background and experience.

Where it’s impossible to post unchecked reviews or delete unfavorable ones, ensuring that recommendations are genuine and cannot simply be bought like advertising on Facebook or Instagram.

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We are creating KiddoDoo as such a warm, friendly environment that encourages activities primarily from the specialists personally and micro-organizations. Where creators often lead the classes themselves. But even if it’s a larger organization, you can befriend a teacher and stay in touch with them, wherever they may move. KiddoDoo is about keeping in touch and about support.


Seemed that I can find all I need on FB or Instagram, but then I realized this is very different. It’s great that in the app I can choose activities by time within the united schedule, and see prices and schedules and all locations on the map all at one glance.

Katerina So



I love the app’s idea! My son is 8 and we live in Belgrade. KiddoDoo simplifies for me the search and booking for kids activities in Russian and helps me see what s there in our area – that’s handy!

Tanya D



I have installed the app when it only started in Montenegro. It grew from tiny to a real helping hand. Saves me time, makes it easier to move around with my kid. It s great that it s growing in other regions too! 

Ivan V



I like that the app offers the option to leave a feedback after visiting – such information from other parents was really lacking. It’s a great idea that everything is finally in one place – schedules, reviews, and direct booking.

Kostya K